Discovering Rugen




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Moving to Rugia Island for the summer season 2014

rugia1.That was supposed to be my third year on Fuerteventura Island, working independently as a personal kite coach. Everything was already planned and organized. New kites and boards had arrived when suddenley came that offer…. I was asked to manage one of the kitesurf schools on  Rügen Island in Germany. Not thinking much, I packed all my staff and on Monday evening  my airplane landed at the airport in Hamburg.


Being super excited about what is going to happen within the next couple of months… Definitely the best part of working will be driving my new business car! Huge American Dodge with 6 cylinder!


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Not competing this season

Poster of Fuerteventura Worldcup 2014

Poster of Fuerteventura Worldcup 2014

Pro Kite Tour PKRA has just confirmed its another stop, Fuerteventura Freestyle and Slalom Competition, which  take place between 17- 24 of July 2014. I was really suprised and happy  to see myslef on the poster promoting this event… unfortunatelly looks like I will not be able to participate in it this year. 

Fuerteventura event was always a lucky one for me. First time took part in it in 2011 and I manage to make it to the 5th place, which was already a huge success. I’d never done any kite competition before and I managed to beat girls , who got much more experience.


Next year, 2012 was even more amazing. I beat 9X World Champion, Gisela Pulido in one of my heat, which allowed me to go stright to the finals… Well, of course I was just  lucky and I lost later again girls much better than me, but I was standing on the stage when they were calling the winners. Amazing experience, which gave me the feeling that everything is possible… Well it is!


One year later, I was among one of the girls on the podium. After the loosers final again Paula Novotna, I landed on the third place on the podium of World Kite Competitions.. Could not be happier!

Well, this year my priorities are different and I will be even not able to watch the event live…anyway I am so curious about what is going to happen and of course keeping my finger crossed for polish girls!

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Good morning Cabo Verde!


Capital city of Sal… no clue what the name is!

I was thinking about this trip a long time ago, at last Cabo Verde Island are just 1700 km from my homespot, Fuerteventura on  Canary Islands. This year I’ve finally found a great reason to do that!

Kook Proof kite school on Sal was organizing an IKO instructor course, where I could upgrade my qualifications. Not hasitating much, I booked the flight, which appeard to be pretty challenging! To save money I decided to fly with some local airlines, which ended up in taking 3 separate planes…Well I was lucky to got there on time, the way back I needed to spent 10 hours waiting on the airport because they had cancelled the flight without bothering themselves to inform me about it.. What a pity! Those ten hours were actually devoted to see another island Santiago, where I was supposed to spend another day.

My travel phlosophy is not to book any accommodations through the Internet, but to look for it already on the spot. It’s much more exciting to go somewhere without knowing actually, where are You going to sleep. Moreover it’s normally a way cheaper. This time I was extremally lucky! One of the kite instructor had booked an apartment for his parents and they were coming exactly the day I was leaving. I could live there for the whole week almost for free.


Kook Proof Kite school team

Anyway, time spent on Sal was amazing! I’ve learnt how to give classes out from the boat on the deep water. Though it scared me at the beginning, I saw that is actually pretty effective way of learning..unless there are massive waves and super strong wind:)

So now, with lots of new experiances, happy to be back home!


Santa Maria Beach, Sal


Santa MAria STreet, Sal


Praia, Santiago

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Wiktoria starts to wear dresses…


I cannot remember the last time I was wearing a dress…That was probably on my First Communion.. Anyway, it’s seems like it’s going to change!

Polish company SUNASU, which is an abbreviation from SUkienki Na SUwaki (dress with zipper) has offered me to try them out.  At the beginning sceptical, but I took an offer and I absolutely don’t regret that. Sunasu appeard to fit my needs perfectly. It’s just so comfortable to put it on after a surfing or kite session in cold water.  I wonder why nobody has came up with this idea before!

So guys it looks like Wiktoria is going to wear dresses now! And You can check out the new collestion of SuNaSu on Facebook.

sunasu fuerteventura

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Again…Poster Girl of Kitesurf Trophy!


What a nice surprise on Saturday morning, when I opened my Facebook site and I saw there my picture on the poster of German National Kite Competition for the year 2014. I used to  already be a poster girl of Kitesurf Trophy of the year 2013, but I didn’t expect that they will take my picture this year again.

Ok, ok they’ve made it totally diffrent so that You cannot really recognize my face but have look on the pictur from 2013… no doubts that’s me!

poster trophy22

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POCO LOCO, reasons to love Canarias video

100% Fuerteventura lifestyle. Filmed one sunny December day, on Sotavento beach.


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